Sustainable Construction Domain

Greenation is a specialized consultant in the energy and the environmental performance of the buildings. Our entity offers a wide range of services to enhance the performance of your properties. We offer you the necessary technical council to successfully drive your projects.

Our energy studies are accomplished by our experienced engineers utilizing all the diverse tools and software approved by the national organization CSTB and the ministry of housing.

We provide cooperation in project management in collaboration with the architectural entities and contractors, to carryout diverse energy efficient projects (residential, commercial and agricultural projects) with minimum impact on the encompassing environment. The following activities represent our services in the pole of sustainable construction:

  • Specialized studies in terms of the acquisition of certifications awarded for the energy-efficient and environmentally responsive buildings.
  • Feasibility studies in renewable energies supply.
  • Bioclimatic approach for buildings utilizing dynamic simulations and BIM tools.
  • Energetic audit and overall energetic performance summary.
  • Performing air permeability and infrared thermography tests for buildings.
  • Collaboration with other disciplines in all stages of project management 

It’s worth mentioning that throughout our cooperation in projects, we carry out procedures of quality control of buildings envelope in terms of thermography tests and infiltration measurements. We provide administrative assistance to operators charged with the implementation of the Technical Building Management (GTB, Smart Grids, S2E...).

We are making things simple for you, as our specialization in energy efficient and low-impact buildings will support the accomplishment of your projects or the renovation of your properties.

Urban agriculture Domain

Our collectivity is an ecological engineering consultant that is highly interested in urban farming as we consider it as a transitional approach to the realm of sustainable development.

Our preferences in that concerned pole are:

  • Biodiversity
  • Energetic and environmental expertise
  • Industrial and territorial ecology

Our entity aims to reclaim the urban spaces through its vegetation. We look to adapt ourselves to the constraints of the city with concern to the limited space and the scarcity of soil in the agriculture sector.

Our projects, with reference to vertical farms and roof greening, are adaptable to diverse sites and their attributed resources.

 We propose to our partners and clients a range of innovative urban farming solutions in line with the energetic renovations brought to residential collective buildings.


Environmental Impact Domain

Greenation is an eco-innovation consultant, intervening in sustainable projects with architects, social associations and private-sector entities. In terms of that pole, we integrate projects with the following preferences:

  • Urban agriculture and the greening of buildings in terms of vertical farms, bioclimatic greenhouse and other related topics.
  • Integration of renewable energies in buildings in terms of the installations of photovoltaic panels, geothermal innovations, biomass energy and more specialized energetic techniques.
  • Reduction of the environmental impacts of buildings on the encompassing environment.